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Dual booting Windows Server 2008 and Windows XP

There are lots of instructions out there on how to dual-boot Windows Vista and Windows XP, but if you chose Windows Server 2008 as a OS of choice, things are a bit different. To simplify things for following installations of this kind, here are my notes.

  • Install Windows Server 2008 and leave some free space for Windows XP partition or Make room for Windows XP.
  • Install Windows XP
  • Boot into Windows Server 2008 installation DVD
  • Run command prompt and fix Vista’s boot records
cd \boot
bootsect /nt60 c: /force
bootrec /rebuildbcd

(trick: “my” copy of Windows Server 2008 64-bit doesn’t have bootsect.exe and bootrec.exe in C:\boot, so I had to run above commands from boot folder on DVD!)

  • Download EaysBCD, add Windows XP, reboot and you’re good to go.

Point 4. is where Server 2008 and Vista differ. Painful, but it works.