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New openings (March 2007)

We are actively hiring people, but not for jobs with rigid descriptions. Instead, we take it as our responsibility to find new business suited to capabilities and expertise of our employees in order to give them a secure job and good and interesting work. It may sound crazy, but it worked up to now, and pretty well for that, too.

Cosylab is not an ordinary company with bored employees, strange "lone-rider" boss and a strict hierarchy. It has some "rules" of cooperating between employees, written in a formal Business Manual, but in most cases, rules are made based on a mutual agreement between employees. A good old-fashion dialog is taking place in almost every decision that is made, also business decisions. Working for Cosylab is a good chance to discover genuine team-work, fair business relations and a great experience. It is an adventure!

We are aware that the real asset of value in a software and engineering company are its people, therefore we recruit only people of top quality into our team. And not only of technical quality, but also of personal and social integrity. If you are such a person or believe that you have the potential to become one, or just happen to know one - give us a call, send us an email, drop by. If you are good at something, chances are high that we’ll hire you.

Of course, one size does not fit all. The Cosylab culture is a particular one and attracts people of the same kind. If you like it, you’ll love it. If, however, you’re more after money, power, manipulation, job title, vanity, hypocrisy or politics, not necessarily in that order, there are plenty of other jobs worth bothering for. It doesn’t mean, of course, that we are free of those sentiments, it just means that we try to control them and don’t let them get into our relationships. Sometimes it’s not easy - we are humans after all. But it is rewarding when we sort out little misunderstandings before they get big and continue to work as a team and a family.

Work for Students and Summer Jobs

Many current employees of Cosylab have started out as part-time students at the team that preceded Cosylab and become loyal members to the cause of Cosylab. It is therefore our belief, supported with some experimental evidence, that students are the best population to recruit future members of Cosylab from.

Our company is constantly in a "flexible" mode. Our full or partially employed collaborators form only the backbone of Cosylab. A part of the developing process is done also by students of physics, electronics, computer science... all in all about twenty of them. And we are constantly looking for more. When we were students, we would have been grateful for any such opportunity. Now we want to give something back to the community that we came from.

Students with expertise in programming or electronics are given real jobs pretty soon. But also absolute beginners are welcome at Cosylab, as long as they show motivation and a will to learn. We give free programming courses and even enlist for a Web-based Java Academy with real tutors. Students who don’t like programming and burn their finger while soldering can work on integrating physics instruments into control systems, or participate in our test teams. Students of non-technical disciplines are welcome to work on our business processes - there is always a place for everybody.

If you decide to apply for any job posted, please mention that you saw the posting on my blog. Thank you!

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# re: 21 Job openings // CosyLab, Ljubljana, Slovenia 7/20/2007 2:47 AM Ilija Gacesa
Hi I was searching the internet to finde a job in Ljubljana when i came upon this add.
As a continued to read this add it was brought to my attention that this is the company i would like to work for .I am currentlry employd in Toronto . I am working as an apprentice electrician . my name is ilija gacesa i was born 1988 april 28 . I am curentley living in Toronto Canada and I am looking forward to moving to Slovenia very soon . Ever sinc i came to Canada i wanted to move to slovenia but unfortunentley I didn't yet. Moving to Ljubljana or any where in Slovenia and Working for Cosylab would be a dream 4 me.

I am not another pearson on the internet writing this out of bordem .I really would like to work for Cosylab . my email adress is . I would also like to send you my resume if needed . I am really looking forward to your respons . Thank you very much for your attention and I hope I did not distract you from doing something :)

# re: 21 Job openings // CosyLab, Ljubljana, Slovenia 10/8/2007 10:36 AM Goran Kovacevik
It seems that CosyLab has potential to satisfy some of my needs. I am an chemical engineer 35 year old, originaly from Skopje Macedonia and I do have experiance in some fields. I would like to establish comunication with You so we can define if you need my profile. I am waithing for reply

# re: 21 Job openings // CosyLab, Ljubljana, Slovenia 12/30/2007 4:52 PM Joseph B Jenko
I am looking for a job in slovenia in the electrical/electrinics field.I have an B.S in Electrical engineering and
a B.S. In Mathematics

# re: 21 Job openings // CosyLab, Ljubljana, Slovenia 8/6/2008 10:13 AM Blerim
Hi im blerim and i like to work in ljublana ,Slovenia and im student from macedonia but i dont have visa thank you

# re: 21 Job openings // CosyLab, Ljubljana, Slovenia 2/21/2009 3:39 PM Milos Vasiljevic
Hi, I am coming from Serbia and I currently work for International student organization. Being a voluntary based organization can only cover some of my expenses during my stay in Ljubljana. I am a graduated student of political science and I am searching for a part time job in order to cover all expenses I have.

# re: 21 Job openings // CosyLab, Ljubljana, Slovenia 3/7/2009 12:43 PM abel robinson
am hard workin person ,am nigeria am 24 years old please call me 2348081912632

# re: 21 Job openings // CosyLab, Ljubljana, Slovenia 6/13/2009 10:23 AM veselin
hi there ,my name is veselin,i am from bulgaria ,but curently.i am living in london,i'v got some education,and experience ,and if you dont mint i would like to work for cosylab,until now i am working in london,but soon i will relocate in ljubljana.thanks ,best wishwes from me.

# re: 21 Job openings // CosyLab, Ljubljana, Slovenia 2/11/2010 12:56 PM Emina
Regards I'm Emina,and im from MAcedonia i Have a Pharmacy tehnician degree,and a barchelors degree on English language and literature. And i would like to work in Slovenia.Contact me on my e-mail.Regards

# re: 21 Job openings // CosyLab, Ljubljana, Slovenia 5/28/2010 2:33 PM merlina
Hello, i have currently moved from Edmonton, Canada to ljubljana. Looking for a great career opportunity , reading this add intersted me alot. I would love to forward my resume onward. If postions are available please do send me information to where i can come in or email. Thank you for your time

# re: 21 Job openings // CosyLab, Ljubljana, Slovenia 8/31/2011 7:37 PM Carlos de Sousa
Im studying in Ljubljana, where im finishing my degree in Marketing at Ekonomska Fakulteta. Would be great work in CosyLab. If i can add some high value to the company with my degree, please send me the information. Thanks for the chance.

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