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One of the oldest email I had sitting in my inbox was a nice letter from guy named Treasure Baloyi, asking me to review his Microsoft Dynamics CRM tool. I have waited way too long…

MSCRM4 Toolbox is a comprehensive and extensive tool for managing your CRM instance.

The tool includes:

  • Security Role Manager that lets you assign/remove to more than one user at once.
  • Roles Export / Import utility that lets you export and import roles.
  • ERC Generator that will generate relationship diagram from the entities.
  • Bulk Data Deleter utility that will help you delete records at large.
  • Attribute Usage Analyzer which is very useful if you are not sure if you can remove the attribute. Just find where it is used (forms, workflows, js, cs,..)
  • Attribute Updater that will let you mass update attributes.


It’s extendable, so you decide which tools you want to include in your toolbox. The feature I also like very much is, that the tool is available as portable package – so no server installs!


I have yet to use it in real life, but this seems like a real time saver tool!

Let’s just hope he develops Dynamics CRM 2011 compatible version, but some of this tools work with 2011 already!


PS: I have also included MSCRM4 ToolBox in my Ultimate Dynamics CRM Tools List.

Posted on Thursday, April 21, 2011 11:16 AM | Filed under: MS Dynamics CRM |


# re: Great CRM tool - MSCRM4 ToolBox [CRM] 9/4/2011 11:19 AM Noman ali
It worth gud.

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