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  • dapper-dot-net - Simple SQL object mapper for SQL Server. It's what powers StackOverflow.
  • PetaPoco - PetaPoco is a tiny .NET data access layer inspired by Rob Conery's Massive project but for use with non-dynamic POCO objects.
  • Starter STS - StarterSTS is a compact, easy to use security token service that is completely based on the ASP.NET provider infrastructure. It is built using the Windows Identity Foundation and supports WS-Federation., WS-Trust, REST, OpenId and Information Cards.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM


  • Blue Console - This PowerGUI Script Editor Add-on applies a native Blue PowerShell Console theme to the embedded PowerShell Console.
  • PowerShellPack - Home - Windows PowerShell Pack contains 10 modules to help supercharge your Windows PowerShell scripting. The PowerShellPack lets you write user interfaces in PowerShell script, manage RSS feeds, schedule operating system tasks, and much more.
  • Show-UI - The PowerShell WPF Toolkit


  • Aura - Aura is application that calculates average color of desktop background image or active window icon and sets it as Aero Glass color. It works like color hot-track in Windows 7 taskbar.

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