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You might have heard that BizTalk 2010 has a neat feature that lets you create automatic links in maps either by name or by structures. Well, with little work you can have that in BizTalk 2009 and earlier. Kind of.

The main thing is, the map files (.btm) are compatible. So what you can do is copy/paste schemas in dummy BTS 2010 project, create a map, link records automatically and copy/paste new map in BTS 2009 project.


If you have big schemas this can be a real time saver. I just saved me some time, so I spent it on writing this post. Winking smile

Posted on Wednesday, April 06, 2011 2:07 PM | Filed under: BizTalk |


# re: Automatically map similar schemas in BizTalk 2009 (and earlier!) [BizTalk] 11/7/2011 6:45 PM Johnnu
I have been looking for this for long. I am one among the people having hard time coping up with a change. I am better used with the previous version of BizTalk. So, though I have heard about the new version with some pretty good new features like search retargeting ; I did not give it a try. It is definitely exciting news for me to know that those new features of this new version are available in older versions too. This would be a real time saver. I hope it works.

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