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There are two common row count limits in Microsoft Dynamics CRM that customers occasionally want to see lifted.


First, there is page size setting of all grids in CRM that can be set to maximum 250 rows in options.

From time to time it is nice to have this limit moved higher. It can be achieved with a simple database change, but on per user base.

First, find you users systemsettingsid with this query:

SELECT SystemUserId, FullName FROM SystemUser WHERE FullName = '<username>'

Then, update this users row in UserSettings table:

UPDATE UserSettings SET PagingLimit = <new_limit> WHERE SystemUserId = '<user_id>'

Warning: This is a hack and it is not supported by Microsoft. The setting is per user and will be reset and will need to be reaplied if user changes it’s own settings through CRM UI.


Second, it’s maximum records that you get when exporting data to Excel.

This is documented in a Microsoft KB article. When using CRM 3.0, the registry change is detailed in that article, but for CRM 4.0 article suggests contacting support guys.

They will tell you to to a slight DB change abd set the MaxRecordsForExportToExcel value in OrganizationBase table in <organization>_MSCRM database with a T-SQL statement like this:

UPDATE OrganizationBase SET MaxRecordsForExportToExcel = <new_limit> WHERE OrganizationId = '<organizationid>'

The setting is valid for all users in an organization.

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# re: Changing maximum record counts in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 10/13/2010 4:01 PM Mens Rings
Just what I need for this migration uni project I'm doing, thankyou!

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