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A lot of news these days in Dynamics CRM world!

Statement of Directions has been updated to April 2010 version. You should check a review of changes at Sonoma Partners blog. Get full documents at Customer Source or Partner Source.

Accelerators for Microsoft Dynamics CRM web page has been updated as Customer Case Accelerator has been released. It is a big news and from what I have seen so far this is great resource and great starting point for integrating Dynamics CRM with other web applications.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM SDK 4.0.12 is available. It contains some exciting additions as new development tools, sample and documentation. Read summary of changes at Ascentium XRM blog.

Last, but not least, Scribesoft is moving toward releasing Scribe Insight 7.0  as Technical Preview 2 went live yesterday. It’s not publicly available, but if you are a Scribe partner, you can get a trial run.

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