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imageHere is a list of sites, downloads, tips, tricks and hacks for Logitech Harmony universal remote controls, mostly for Harmony One.

Don't use the software that came with remote. Download last version from Logitech.,en?section=downloads&tabs=1,3,2,5

Print this worksheet when you go hunting for model numbers of your devices.

Check if your devices are compatible with the remote.

Great database of channel icons for use with “favorite channels” feature.

Some more tips and tricks.

Use some models on Linux (but not One).

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# re: Logitech Harmony One tips, tricks and hack 2/1/2011 9:10 PM mensagens para orkut
I'm about to buy a Harmony 900 remote U.S. as I have a friend who has traveled there and is there at the time. Could someone please help me on:

Page specifications Logitech Harmony 900> Remote Controls> Remote Controls> Harmony ® 900 is mentioned that the Harmony 900 comes with 4 IR transmitters (Mini Blasters), while in the U.S. websites store like Best Buy, Frys, Circuit City, etc mentions two IR transmitters (Mini Blasters) I also had a look at the CNET review of Logitech Harmony 900 Remote Control reviews - CNET Reviews and here also mentions two transmitters Infrared and not 4. Please may I advise if there has been an update to this remote and if, apart from the guns of the issue regarding the poor range of RF has also improved. I am concerned it is quite expensive for a remote control, but I'm willing to pay for it, but I do not know then that I bought a remote control that has been updated as the hardware (and firmware) is gone.

Secondly, does anyone know if the AC Power (U.S.) provided for the charging and remote RF receiver are multiple stress? ie going to work on an AC 110 240AC? Like where I'm at least 240 volts AC.

I was thinking of asking him to buy it from Best Buy or Frys .... I want to be sure I'm getting the latest version if there have been any updates.

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