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I just uploaded a minor bug-fix version of Windows Fader screensaver. Feel free to update or try it if you are a new user!

Donations welcome!

Posted on Thursday, June 25, 2009 12:27 PM | Filed under: Windows Fader |


# re: Windows Fader released 6/25/2009 8:13 PM mikko
update links on DL site, please :) And does it work on dualhead display?

# re: Windows Fader released 6/25/2009 8:23 PM David
Files are update, but due to minor updates I didn't bother changing file names.

Yes, it should work on dual (and triple,...) head displays.

If you run into troubles, let me know.

Cheers, D.

# re: Windows Fader released 6/26/2009 6:12 AM david
404 for both download links

# re: Windows Fader released 9/8/2009 2:21 AM That works
just go to

# re: Windows Fader released 9/8/2009 8:44 AM David
Links fixed, sorry everyone.

# re: A suggestion? 5/20/2010 6:56 AM Lance
"Using screen saver when using LCD monitor will not help save energy." ...

... because the backlight is always on at the same level.

Why leave the backlight on if the screen is faded to black? It is quite clearly on when viewed in the dark.

If while fading the image to black you can also step the brightness down to off, and maybe finally actually switch it off, then it would save power.

Just a suggestion - I have been thinking to write a screensaver just as you have. Probably never happen though :(

# re: Windows Fader released 11/1/2011 12:15 AM Andy
cannot download the new version, the "" site is not reachable... :-(

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