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I have lately began using Zenfolio as my main photo repository and gallery. Why?

  • Picasa Web Albums is great for albums I want to show my mom/mother in law/sister/… since is dead simple to browse. I still use it.
  • Flickr is great, but not for galleries and albums, only for couple of photos ni the series. Also, it’s not mom-friendly for kids photos and stuff.
  • Smug Mug is missing something. Don’t know what, but we just didn’t click.
  • Zenfolio looks great, it’s easy to browse, can store all my photos in original format. It’s Picasa Web + Flickr + Smug Mug. I love it!

If you are going to buy a paid account, this is my referral code. If you use it, it’s $5 off for you and a 5$ bonus for me. Win win.

My Zenfolio Referral Code: NPG-DD8-JZE

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yet another code: X4X-F4H-WXG
for 10% off membership. Zenfolio is great by the way, I like it much better than smugmug.

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