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#1 Open Command Window Here

Sure, you had this in XP too, but only if installed Open Command Prompt Here  (a.k.a. CmdHere) power toy.

It’s built into Windows Vista , so all you have to do is hold down SHIFT, right click on folder and select Open Command Window Here. Works on Desktop too!


#2 Copy Path

Another feature that you COULD have in Windows XP if you installed extra utility like Ninotech Path Copy. In Vista you us similar trick as in #1, so you hold down SHIFT, right click file, folder or selection of files and folders and then click Copy as Path.

This will file names and paths of al selected items on clipboard for easy pasting in documents, emails and stuff.


#3 Fast renaming of multiple files

There might be some tool to get this feature in previous versions of Windows, but I don’t know any.

If you are in the middle of file or folder rename, you can simply press TAB key to jump to next file. The long way is pressing enter, then down/up and F2 again. So two keystrokes saved!


Note #1: feature when pressing F2 or issuing a rename command only selects filename and not file extension is easily discovered, so that’s why it’s not #4 in this list.

Note #2: if you do serious renaming you definitely need of of many file rename utilities to help you with your job. I totally agree that mentioned feature alone is not good enough.

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