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Everyone that runs a web server or even a site needs to run a DNS check from time to time. For a long time I have been a happy user of a site But couple of months ago they started charging for their main check called DNSReport.

For few queries a month I'm not willing to subscribe for $80 a year, and I'm certainly not alone.

Finally I have done some research and tried to find alternatives. Here are the results with ratings, where 10/10 is what DNSReport gave us. - 7/10 - Sample

Clear design, errors and warning are nicely visible. Quite fast too. Too bad it check for only basic stuff.

ZoneCheck - 6/10

AJAXy. Only reports error and/or warning. Had a batch mode for multiple domains and desktop program which I don't want to even try. DNS test should be available anywhere anytime.

intoDNS - 8/10 - Sample

Simple, powerful, web2.0-ish. Results are almost identical to DNSReport, it's just that the explanations are not that concise. For example, it says my SOA REFRESH is not ok, but I don't get any recommendations on how to fix it.

Network Tools - 5/10

Only stand alone tools, not DNSReport- like check. Trace and ping are nice though.

pingability - 7/10 - Sample

Solid report, too bad it is terribly hard to read. - 4/10

Similar to Network tools, it only has standalone tools, but no big all-round DNS test. Boring.

DomainTools - 2/10 - Sample

Too simple. Only lists DNS entries.

Free DNS Report - 8/10 (scam?) - Sample

The report looks remarkably similar to that of the original, but the site looks terribly like a scam. I'm kind of scared to enter my domain name in there. If this is real test, please pimp it up a bit!

you get signal - not rated

Doesn't really belong on the list, but it is a nice tool anyway. I use it for port forwarding tests and reverse IP domain check.


My pick is intoDNS. If I need a second opinion, I'll go for or pingability. For port scanning and trace router I like you get signal the best.


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Posted on Sunday, March 23, 2008 11:11 PM | Filed under: System Internet |


# re: Free DNS Report alternatives 6/23/2008 6:28 AM cj
Thank you, i was also trying to find alternate for DNSStuff

# re: Free DNS Report alternatives 7/8/2008 8:14 AM Marco
Very nice post! I was looking too for a free alternative to DNSstuff and i've found a nice site at Their feature "Domain health check" is nice ance detailed, giving the DNSstuff-like informations. Njoy!

# re: Free DNS Report alternatives 7/24/2008 5:40 AM Loloy D
Thank you very much for your research. You have saved me time in searching for alternatives to the old reliable

You are a positive contributory force to the internet. Regards.

# re: Free DNS Report alternatives 8/7/2008 6:27 PM Kevin
Thanks for the list. As to the "Free DNS Report (scam?)"'s definitely not a scam, though the site could definitely use some design work and maybe run a few more tests. However, out of the 3 or 4 of the above that I tried, the list of things they check for is minimal, but they are the only ones that reported that I had an open relay on my mail server. I was able to keep refreshing the page until I found that turning off the "sendmail" service is what finally closed the relay. THANK-YOU Free DNS :)

Now all I've got to do is figure out how the sendmail service got turned on when it shouldn't have since my server uses Qmail...and I'm the only one with admin access...? Oh, though, also IntoDNS has a really nice and lengthy I'd recommend using both of those.


# re: Free DNS Report alternatives 9/3/2008 1:19 AM Matthew
Thank you very much, I was able to verify DNS on one of the sites you proposed. Thanks for taking time to post them.



# re: Free DNS Report alternatives 9/10/2008 11:07 AM chris
free dns report, fully featured, very good 9/10

# re: Free DNS Report alternatives 9/26/2008 8:03 AM wanto jakarta
Thank you, i was also trying to find alternate for DNSStuff,
something besides ?

# re: Free DNS Report alternatives 11/14/2008 4:52 AM Dave Nedved
I know this was posted back in march, but i just thought i'd suggest adding to your list also.

It's a free DNS Report style tool, and the domain actually has a stack of other tools on it also that is much like the origional website.

AFAIK the servers are hosted in Australia.

# re: Free DNS Report alternatives 12/6/2008 3:16 AM Wanto Jakarta
Can you help me with my dns report like parent, NS, SOA, MX, Mail, WWW free ?

Thanks for you help.

# re: Free DNS Report alternatives 12/24/2008 4:47 PM Dave

We just released a free DNS and Mail Configuration report as well. Please feel free to use it as often as you like and we encourage you to send us feedback.

# re: Free DNS Report alternatives 2/11/2009 5:18 PM Sergey
Please add into review,
I would glad to know your opinion.

Thank you

# re: Free DNS Report alternatives 3/30/2009 8:24 AM Ryan is a new DNS diagnostic tool. It's free and easy to use, give it a try.

# re: Free DNS Report alternatives 4/1/2009 7:53 PM Stephen
Thanks for this post - very useful


# re: Free DNS Report alternatives 9/2/2009 12:37 PM Chris Wilson
The real DNS report is available at and is still free. Other sites are proxying it and charging money for it, e.g.

I.e. please don't pay for ripping off's free service.

# re: Free DNS Report alternatives 10/5/2009 5:15 PM Shiplu
plz do u help me mail add:/smtp add this add is u solv it sir,then i willsend my mail outlook.

# re: Free DNS Report alternatives 10/8/2009 2:49 AM Danilo
Hi guys,

Lately I'm using and works pretty well.

# re: Free DNS Report alternatives 10/15/2009 7:18 PM Chris Widner
You should also checkout our DNSCog ( from Great tool from the people behind

# re: Free DNS Report alternatives 3/2/2010 10:24 PM hughesey
Another one you guys should take a look at is

Nice and fast, clean output and is free!

# re: Free DNS Report alternatives 5/22/2010 12:37 AM MKemal
http://www.check.dns was the first dns tool I've used and after so many years (even though the tool stays unchanged) still does the job. Well done to people behind.

There are now more than enough alternatives (mostly similar to each other in many perspectives such as, one of my favorite is and I also check as everytime I check there is something new there.

# re: Free DNS Report alternatives 12/13/2010 6:05 PM Kim Smith
Don't forget - Neustar has a free Domain Health Report you can run, plus free IP tools, too.

UltraTools is a comprehensive tool that utilizes over 70 individual tests in 9 distinct categories that evaluates the health of your domain.

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