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fsanimOne of my favorite utils - FolderShare - has been updated yesterday. It's the first update since Microsoft bought ByteTaxi back in 2005.

There are no big new features, just:

  • updated site, which is prettier, somewhat faster, but is now lacking remote computer search,
  • new icon and rearranged context menu,
  • faster connect times in Windows Vista.

Upgrade is smooth and fast. Just click Check updates in tray icon's menu and download will start. I upgraded three machines so far without a glitch.

Unfortunately FolderShare still will not let you sync network folders and the limit of 10000 files per synced folder is still unchanged.

In spite of lack of any real changes, this is still news. At least we know Microsoft remembers that they bought software and they plan to keep it alive.

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Posted on Tuesday, March 11, 2008 9:36 PM | Filed under: Software |


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