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  • Links to LINQ - I especially like the LINQ Providers section.
  • Tools - Altnetpedia - List of tools that members of the ALT.NET community have found useful in their work.
  • Windows Vista Controls for .NET 2.0 - The current version contains several native Vista controls (such as Buttons, Combo boxes with cue banner, Command links, native List views, Progress bars, explorer-like TreeView...) and some modules that empower the user to exploit some of Vista's advance
  • soapUI - A tool to help you with SOAP service discovery, inspection, invocation, testing and debugging.
  • NClassifier - NClassifier is a .NET library that supports text classification and text summarization. It is a port of the Nick Lothian's popular Java text classification engine, Classifier4J.
  • More technical C# - Really technical notes about C#.



  • Internet Explorer 8 Beta
  • Libra - DVD, Book, Audio CD, Game library organizer software. Free alternative do Media Man and shameless Delicious Library clone.

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