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  • The Daily Grind 1305 - This is the last of The Daily Grind. I'm seriously thinking about printing this one and saving it.

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  • KeePass for J2ME - I store all my passwords (and some other info) with excellent KeePass. Downside is that I'm kind of list without my computer when I try to login somewhere far away to something else than mail. This might help, but who will sync the database?
  • Pen Drive Linux - One more thing that's on the list, but I'll never get around to actually do test it.
  • Plasq - Create comics from your photos. $24.95
  • PearBudget - Free budgeting app.
  • Buxfer - Free online personal finance app that is not strictly US oriented. +1 for supporting many ways of logging in with existing accounts (Google, MS Live, OpenID, Facebook,...)


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Posted on Sunday, January 06, 2008 11:20 PM | Filed under: Links of the week |


# re: Links of the Week #18 (week 1/2008) 1/7/2008 9:41 AM Mladen
pozabu si dodat not GhostDoc 2.1.3

# re: Links of the Week #18 (week 1/2008) 1/10/2008 10:50 AM akshay
hi can i get a real one player for w700i plz...

# re: Links of the Week #18 (week 1/2008) 1/12/2008 2:20 PM vinit
thank u very much

# re: Links of the Week #18 (week 1/2008) 1/13/2008 8:06 AM Jau
Thanks for linking to my blog! :)

# re: Links of the Week #18 (week 1/2008) 1/13/2008 8:39 PM jaspreet
provide smart movie player full verison

# re: Links of the Week #18 (week 1/2008) 1/13/2008 10:44 PM David
@Jau: You deserved it. But don't hesitate to return the "favor". ;)

# Links of the Week #19 (week 2/2008) 1/13/2008 11:59 PM Bite my bytes
Links of the Week #19 (week 2/2008)

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