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Users that actually visit site have probably noticed there has been job board embedded in this site. At first I tested the field with my own version of it, but that was later replace with a professional service Hidden network by Alex Papadimoulis, legendary MVP for MS Paint and author of The Daily WTF.

I believe this service on my blog will be of use for both job seekers and employers!


If you are looking for a new challenge, just browse jobs and subscribe to the feed. Just don't forget to report back when you get that dream job, ok?


If you are employer, you can post your jobs for free (international) or with a huge discount using these codes:

  • 100OFF0712 - $100 discount ($199 for first listing)
  • 200OFF0712 - $200 discount ($99 for first listing)
  • 299OFF0712 - $299 discount (free first listing)
  • INTLFREE7 - free international (non US/CA) listings

When you apply, please enter my referral number 1159. Thank you!


Take a look at some others blogs that are part of Hidden Network: Banner

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