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Subversion is really gaining track. It's not a rocket science to conclude that, but is a lot of happening in world of SVN tools.

I already gave thumbs up for VisualSVN. Those guys now created VisualSVN Server which is basically a package of Subversion installation wit Apache and a visual management console.


The good:

  • it's free,
  • it's small, just 6 MB download,
  • installation is super simple.

The bad:

  • can't rename users,
  • it would be nice to just get the admin tool for those of us who already have server up and running.

SVN administrators can now choose between PainlessSVN and VisualSVN Server when looking for a management console, although I don't believe there is a true need for that, but that's a whole another story.

Subversion also comes in several "distributions" and you can choose between original, CollabNet Subversion and now VisualSVN Server.


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# re: VisualSVN Server 4/22/2008 5:00 PM Rodrigox
How i set a remote repository ?

# re: VisualSVN Server 4/22/2008 6:48 PM David
I don't understand your question , Rodrigox. Please elaborate!

# re: VisualSVN Server 4/25/2008 3:38 PM Rodrigox
How i set a repository located in other pc?

# re: VisualSVN Server 5/12/2008 1:46 AM Miron
VisualSVN Server is great.
However, did you success deleting an existing repository ?
I tried it, but it looks that that option just don't do anything.

# re: VisualSVN Server 5/12/2008 9:02 PM David
I didn't try to delete repository. I imagaing one would want to do that just in testing scenario, but not in real-life situation.

# re: VisualSVN Server 1/16/2009 4:31 AM phong-tt
>>How i set a remote repository ?

after u finish setup SVN Server, open console manager, right click and chose properties. Chose which location u wanna set.

after above step, you should go to window service, change account startup svn server to domain account which has right permission to access remote location.

hope this help

# re: VisualSVN Server 1/21/2009 2:57 PM jokey
I have a repository on a remote server where VisualSVN Server is running on. It works fine with some configured users until today. I added a new user (user is existing, I use the Windows authentification), but the new user doesn't get access to the repository to update the working directory or do any other task. The other users still have the configured access, even on the new user's computer.
Can you give me a hint what to do to get the new user working?

# re: VisualSVN Server 2/20/2009 10:41 AM Boechi
I have also a remote server where VisualSVN Server is running up. Locally on my machine I have a running installation aswel, now I want to connect to the remote server with my VisualSVN Manager, to manage the users.

To: Jokey
I think you should use groups where users belongs to and add the new users to a certain group and you should grand the group permission to the repository.

# How to delete a user group 2/26/2009 9:04 AM vrajesh

I have a group of users.
I have given security on some folders.

Now i want to delete this group.

I tried to delete this group. Then server crashed.
No user even/admin was able to even read the files.
All user access was blocked.

can u help me.

# re: VisualSVN Server 1/16/2010 11:43 AM Rakesh Kumar
I m new one, I have install VisualSVN Server, I m using MyEclipse 8, so how can i use VIsualSVN ? Let me know step by step use VisualSVN.



# re: VisualSVN Server 1/17/2010 5:08 PM lida
Ohh my God thanks I cant believe

# re: VisualSVN Server 9/19/2010 10:58 PM chat
I found this article useful in a paper I am writing at university. Hopefully, I get an A+ now!..

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