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I don't run WordPress but I do occasionally set-up one and help fellow bloggers run it.

So I assembled essential WordPress plugins that everyone needs:

  • Akismet - if you run latest versions (and you should!) this is already built in. Activate and setup and enjoy absence of spam.
  • Analyticator - Elegant way to include Google Analytics code on your blog. You should create Google Analytics account first.
  • FeedBurner FeedSmith - Elegant way to substitute your feed with FeedBurner one. You should create FeedBurner accounts first.
  • Google Sitemaps - Google really likes sites with sitemaps. This will automatically create it for you.
  • Optimal Title - This will also raise your search site rankings a bit.
  • Recent posts - Simple plugin for listing recent posts. Some manual work needed.
  • Recent Comments- Simple plugin for listing recent comments. Some manual work needed.

If above plugins are essentials, this list could be called recommended:

Did I miss anything? Post your suggestions in comments!


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# re: WordPress Plugins everyone needs 10/4/2007 5:31 AM Iztok
Thank you David for your help.

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