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On day two everything became a routine. We saw some of 27th largest city is US. Not impressed.

Denver, Colorado, US

I drank some drinks not available in Slovenia. Mountain Dew rocks (regular one, light tasted too much like artificial sweetener), but Mug Root Beer is downright terrible. I couldn't even finish the can.

Mountain Dew and Mug root beer

Real highlight of day 3 was, of course, the iPhone. This baby truly has a fantastic UI and is by far the best iPod out there. But as a phone it didn't impress me. High-end Sony Ericssons and Nokias and other smart phones easily kick it's ass. I don't predict bright future for iPhone in Europe without some serious new features as 3G, GPS, video recoding and more. And it's not a geek's toy, it's more for girls in high heels.

Me playing with iPhone 

Seeing Coors Field was also a nice experience. While listening to some fake U2 and eating hot fogs one could easily envision the feeling during the game.

Coors Field

Since this is about conference and Denver, I will not report about seeing US most populous city. Let me just publish two photos that tell pretty much whole story. And a though: there is no way to come up with Batman or Spiderman in Ljubljana, but in NY it's easy to imagine the birth of such stories...

Lady Liberty and Big Apple  Gotham City at night

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# re: Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2007, Denver, Colorado - Day 2 & 3 7/18/2007 11:16 AM Brian King
Why were you not impressed with Denver?

# re: Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2007, Denver, Colorado - Day 2 & 3 7/18/2007 11:25 AM David
It was pale. Compared to Slovenia where default color is green, the default color there is light brown or something.

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