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This is old trick, but oh-so handy. There are still people out there that don't know it, so let me share it with the world...

If you want to copy Windows message box content to the clipboard, just press CTRL + C when message box is displayed. It works in all flavors of Windows OS, Vista too.

Here is a Web2.0-ish graphics I slapped togheter.

Posted on Sunday, May 06, 2007 9:52 PM | Filed under: Software System |


# re: Copy Message Box Content 5/6/2007 10:21 PM Milos
Ow cool, thank you :)

# re: Copy Message Box Content 5/6/2007 10:58 PM David
Yey! I hoped someone will found this of some use! ;)

# re: Copy Message Box Content 5/7/2007 7:44 PM Bojan Vrhovnik
:) me easy..most of the time i wrote it in google...guess now few minutes will be spared... :) thnx..

# re: Copy Message Box Content 12/2/2009 11:52 PM götten sikiş
wow thank you for this article. i truly loved.

# re: Copy Message Box Content 1/4/2010 1:08 AM porno
thanksss youu...

# re: Copy Message Box Content 1/4/2010 1:10 AM sikiş
admin thanks you,, good

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