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Just surf to, a kick ass price comparison site for Slovenia and answer a really easy sweepstake question.

Good luck, but don't be sad if I win, not you.

Posted on Thursday, April 26, 2007 9:33 AM | Filed under: Stuff Gadgets |


# re: Want a free 4GB USB key? 4/27/2007 10:30 AM Boštjan
Selling your personal data for 40€...

# re: Want a free 4GB USB key? 4/27/2007 12:08 PM David
1) They probably already got my data anyway.
2) They can't do much harm to me with my data.
3) It's fun to get free things, isn't it? Or to even play.

# re: Want a free 4GB USB key? 4/30/2007 3:44 PM Carlitos
Boštjan: as David said, there's no additional fears linked to leaving your data on (I'm the lead developer here). We collect the data, yes, but only for our sake, so that we can have a glimpse of an attempt at some sort of fuzzy demographic information :-)

That said, nothing keeps you from entering fake information... but it'd be hard to contact you, if you win ;-) If you're afraid of spam, I suggest you create a special webmail account only for sweepstakes purposes... but nevermind, we don't sell our email lists to any spam. I haven't heard of big spammers here in Slovenia yet anyways :-)

So, relax =)

And to David: hvala gospod for the link!

# re: Want a free 4GB USB key? 5/1/2007 1:08 PM David
@Carlitos: Welcome. You are doing good job with

# re: Want a free 4GB USB key? 1/21/2008 5:58 AM saravanan
I want to free space for websit.

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