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Site called "Tech Support Alert" publishes excellent list of "46 Best-ever Freeware Utilities".

If you are at least modest tool freak you probably know and use most of them, but it's allways nice to have a list handy to find champions in the fields you are not an expert in (like "Best Free Anonymous Surfing Service"), or to find who is #2 if you get in trouble with current tool.

Best way to stay in touch is to feed, but you can also subscribe to mailing list.

Posted on Sunday, March 18, 2007 12:38 AM | Filed under: Software |


# re: Best freeware utilities 3/19/2007 9:23 PM tarık123

# re: Best freeware utilities 3/21/2007 5:29 PM Bojan Vrhovnik
Nice find...quite interesting, how many free software is out there.... :)

# re: Best freeware utilities 5/26/2007 10:48 AM Silver
It,s wonderful people like your self that make using a computer more fun and some what easeier .

Thank you Silver

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