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I have returned to non-technical magazine articles writing  and my article will appear in next Navigator Navtika Magazin. The theme is kind-of technical, though. I'm writting about interesting nautical sites, blogs, videos and other 'net stuff. So far the critiques were positive and I'm hoping the readers will like it too.

While I was searching the web for material I had an idea for my new pet project. (not again!?!?)

From the experience about unrelated, non-technical and interesting for general publicc posts on this blog (that are by far most popular on this blog) I have created another blog that will serve as dump for interesting nautical links I come across. It's easy to maintain and fun to do - I run Wordpress with some simple add-ons and post with Windows Live Writer. Every week or so I create posts and future date them.

With little patience and some luck, search engines will send users my way, and hopefully some of them will click the ads. If it works on this blog, it should work there too... I'll report back how it goes if someone is interested.

Some links that appeared on Nautica Links:

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