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I spent a week in bed surviving very popular virus in these parts of the woods. Although I was home all week I wasn't in the mood for productive digital work at all. All I manage to do was move this blog to a brand new spankin' HP server at new collocation center and to upgrade my customized SubText to 1.9.5.

If you look really hard you'll se that now:

  • blog posts show categories
  • there is a "latest comment" sections in left bar
  • some small things I forgot about and you don't care about

Oh, and I broke XMLTV file which I'll fix over the weekend when I return to normal live schedule...

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# TVvSPOREDnik and XMLTV file updated 3/4/2007 11:05 PM Bite my bytes
TVvSPOREDnik and XMLTV file updated

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