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The Subtext team released version 1.9.4 (Windward) on Monday. I'm proud that my implementation of sitemaps is included but I must tell you - it's broken. Last minute change described in Simone's post actually makes sitemaps useless with Google:

The final release have just one small difference: the sitemap is inside a "sitemap" folder instead of the root folder of the blog, so the final url will be http://blogUrl/sitemap/sitemap.ashx.

But Google demands that the sitemap file is in "highest level directory you want search engines to crawl, generally the root". With this change this is not the case.

Until guys figure out what to do (release a new version, release a patch,...) Barry has a solution for you.

If you run one blog site - you basically need to change the web.config file to

<HttpHandler pattern="Sitemap.ashx" type="Subtext.Web.SiteMap.SiteMapHttpHandler, Subtext.Web" handlerType="Direct"/>

I hope the lesson is learned - NO last minute changes anymore, please, guys. You shoot yourself in a face soon or a later. I learned that the had way (multiple times)... :)

Posted on Tuesday, February 13, 2007 11:48 PM | Filed under: Software Developement Blogging |


# re: SubText 1.9.4 release (with somewhat broken Sitemaps) 2/14/2007 3:15 AM Steve Harman
The following HttpHandler is the one I ended up using for my site:

<HttpHandler pattern="(?:/Sitemap\.ashx)$" type="Subtext.Web.SiteMap.SiteMapHttpHandler, Subtext.Web" handlerType="Direct"/>

I'm going to updated the .zip file on the download servers tonight, and then I'll be sure to post instructions for a work-around and an updated web.config file so people can just do a merge to fix their install.

# Subtext Windward Edition - SiteMap Update 2/14/2007 6:32 PM
Subtext Windward Edition - SiteMap Update

# re: SubText 1.9.4 released (with somewhat broken Sitemaps) 8/14/2007 9:38 AM edwin
I run the Install package in VS2005.the project debug show an error as follows:
"Can't create the type :Sub.Web.Sitemap".
Another problem is the source code package also can't open in vs2005. canyou tell me why ?

# re: SubText 1.9.4 released (with somewhat broken Sitemaps) 8/21/2007 9:59 PM David
I'm not sure about the install package. Does it compile ok? Do you have the latest realease version?

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