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The Vista posts are everywhere... Still I have some more stuff to say.

Things I like in Vista:

  • new default font
  • speech recognition (useless but fun to play with and show to you granny)
  • search
  • windows explorer speed
  • ReadyBoost
  • aero & flip 3D
  • shift + right click on a filename gives you "copy as path" command

Things I don't like in Vista:

  • the backspace key performs as "Back" actions, but it used to be "Up"
  • Visual Studio 2005 needs some special care


And a question I hear a lot these days: Why upgrade to Vista?

Most of use dream of having a gorgeous machine and a different OS. But we don't because we couldn't do so much stuff we do today (development wise mostly).

Well, Windows Vista is somehow half way there. You get cool UI but you still know how to change your monitors frequency without a book and in less than 2 hours. I still think MS hit the sweet spot. Why are you not upgrading? Just get some RAM, maybe a new hard drive (the old is full of divx movies you will never see anyway).

Posted on Tuesday, February 06, 2007 10:34 PM | Filed under: Software |


# re: Things I do/don't like in Vista 2/7/2007 8:58 AM Michael M.
the old is full of divx movies you will never see anyway

Shit, you've been snooping through my hard drive? I knew it was dangerous to know hackers. Just stay away from my pr0n collection!

Seriously: What about the much-feared DRM stuff? Any thoughts?

# re: Things I do/don't like in Vista 2/7/2007 9:57 AM David
No, I really don't have an opinion about DRM. I don't use my machine to watch movies.

But I'm sure, that in no time the DRM on Vista will be broken (if it hasn't been yet) and everyone will live happily ever after. :)

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