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Here is my list of software that I use and that needed some attention to start working in Windows Vista:

  • NVidia graphics card - run Windows Update to get newer driver, or better yet, download one from or you computer manufacturer. It works ok.
  • U3 - when I plugged USB key it said my version of U3 software isn't compatible with my OS and offered update. I was sent to a web page with ActiveX that promised an upgrade, but then installation said I wasn't administrator. Had to go to and download the software and perform regular update. It works now.
  • TortoiseSVN - I had major trouble with this since it regularly crashed my Windows Explorer. Went to mailing list where I found out I need latest nightly build until new version is released. Not a problem now. It works.
  • Visual Studio 2005 - Vista complain that you need to update to SP1. Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 SP1 for Windows Vista has been downloaded through Windows Update (or to be more precise - Microsoft Update). It still complains that I should run as admin, but so far I had no trouble. I bet I will be coming back to Visual Studio on Windows Vista article.
  • Visual Studio 2005 and IIS7 - there are some tricks when you want to run/develop ASP.NET application on Vista's new IIS7. I haven't dug deep but I manage to get it running with some and from AndrejT and ScottGu. Basically, your should install IIS6 compatibility stuff. Works.

Still doesn't work:

Posted on Wednesday, January 31, 2007 8:07 AM | Filed under: Software |


# re: Vista drivers n' stuff 2/5/2007 8:48 AM Kat
Saw on PC Mag about a site offering a free repository of Vista-compatible drivers. I think it was - have you tried that?

# re: Vista drivers n' stuff 12/29/2007 7:43 PM nauman
i wanna driver for my cel ph k750 i ( supported for vista )
and benq scaner 5000 dirver ( supported for vista )
plz help me

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