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You know I strongly believe in having a personal e-mail address for personal purposes (and business one for that other less important stuff).

Well, it’s never been a better time to make that happen than now. What do you get if you combine super personal e-mail address (anyname@yourdomain.whatevaaa) with best email server out there – e-mail nirvana! In some cultures you spell that as Google Apps for your Domain.

How to go about that?

  • Purchase your own domain (10$ with Google, 9$ or less on GoDaddy, be sure to pick up 10% discount with coupon from bLaugh)
  • Setup DNS entries (at your registrar for couple of $ a year or friends server)
  • Create up to 25 e-mail accounts, unlimited aliases and start enjoying Gmail.

Questions you might have:

  • you can use POP3 to collect your mail from google (leave it on server, delete it from server, your choice)
  • spam filter works great
  • you get all Gmail goodness
  • they’ll throw in your own Google Calendar

I do have my own server (two actually at the moment) living in a state of the art server room. But I switched. It’s just so convenient using Gmail and not have to worry about e-mail server crashing, web mail software getting slow, unstoppable spam and so on.

Update: If you use Firefox and would like to use multiple Gmail accounts (I use one general, one personal,separate for mailing lists and one more for things in category “other”) I recommend you try of Gmail manager. Haven’t seen anything this cool outside Firefox. Have you?

A bonus piece of information if you made it this far: In Google Calendar supports alerts through SMS. It works for Slovenian GSM providers too! And it seems to be free. Sweet!

Posted on Sunday, January 21, 2007 10:31 PM | Filed under: System Internet |


# Re: Google Apps for your Domain Rocks! 1/21/2007 11:15 PM Andrej Tozon
Really... I just switched my primary email provider to gmail yesterday and I'm happy all over... I first tried Windows Live Custom Domains, but lack of POP3 access and stupid (sorry) multiple Live ID accounts sign in procedure turned me off, so I landed on gmail.

# re: Google Apps for your Domain Rocks! 1/22/2007 12:03 AM David
It just rocks. Take a look at my "update" up there... Do you use anything similar?

# re: Google Apps for your Domain Rocks! 1/22/2007 8:34 AM Bojan Vrhovnik
Me & my roomate tryed this option too. Simple and clean...i like it....

# Re: Google Apps for your Domain Rocks! 1/22/2007 8:46 AM Andrej Tozon
David, I don't use FireFox, I'm perfectly happy with IE (yes, I am :)). I now have two gmail accounts and am accessing them mostly through smtp/pop, but if a need for web login arises, I have them set up on different addresses and am logged in both of them at once...

# Re: Google Apps for your Domain Rocks! 1/22/2007 8:50 AM Andrej Tozon
Just to add: the aforementioned WL Custom Domains have a similar sign in assistant, which is a part of WL Messenger install - it installs into IE. But like i said, I didn't like the fact I had to switch the account whenever I wanted to access web mail (switching the Live Id account affected not only my web mail login, but also all other sites requiring sign in with the Live id account).

# re: Google Apps for your Domain Rocks! 1/22/2007 9:55 AM Stefan
How does it handle existing gmail accounts now?
When i looked at it for my domain the only option was either to
a) set up forwarding to existing accounts (you can set own from header but it is not the same as a domain account), or
b) set up fresh, new accounts (under the domain).

I'd like to use existing gmail accounts under the domain without users needing to switch accounts or needing to set up new domain's from address.

# re: Google Apps for your Domain Rocks! 1/22/2007 10:10 AM David
I believe you cannot convert existing Gmail accounts in Google for your domain accounts.

When using our domain you can't even use pop to get email from outside. And you don't get to invite people to gmail. :)

# re: Google Apps for your Domain Rocks! 1/23/2007 12:40 PM nasal
I'm using this for some time now but i see a problem.. spam is being sent with my domain and i keep getting emails from providers with notifications about viruses sent from my email or that the message could not be delivered..
of course it's not from my personal mail but from random ones, like xaeo4409@domain..

this is the only thing that sucks i guess :)

# re: Google Apps for your Domain Rocks! 1/23/2007 3:51 PM David
Yesterday my mail bounced, stating that IP that google uses to handle my mail in listed on some antispam lists. Tthat sux too. I hope this whole thing isn't too good to be true!

# Re: Google Apps for your Domain Rocks! 1/24/2007 1:44 PM Saso Erdeljanov
I`ll stick with E2K7 ;-)

# re: Google Apps for your Domain Rocks! 1/24/2007 2:42 PM David
All 17 of them, ey? :)

# re: Google Apps for your Domain Rocks! 8/31/2007 2:21 PM CaqKa
i did not know abaout this google service.
seems prety.
does anyone know, if i can get foru our faculty a educational account?

if i understand that right, they are providing the gmail web app as an pop3 client?

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