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I generally love cool gadgets, especially those by Apple. But iPhone is something that is extremely cool and at the same time I just don’t like it.

I think the main reason is that I don’t like to look forward for things that will take long time to become reality. Remember: Cingular has a exclusive deal with Apple! Nobody has said anything about Europe.

So – don’t love it. Yet.

Posted on Friday, January 12, 2007 12:31 AM | Filed under: Gadgets |


# Luškan je 1/12/2007 2:06 AM Grega
Ampak je res lep

# re: I don't like iPhone (and I'm from Europe) 1/12/2007 8:50 AM David
To ti dam pa seveda prav. Izjemno lep. In verjetno uporaben. In niti ni tako drag... Ampak kaj, če ga ne morem met!?

# re: I don't like iPhone (and I'm from Europe) 1/12/2007 9:05 AM Michael M.
The Japanese don't seem to like it too much either...

# re: I don't like iPhone (and I'm from Europe) 1/12/2007 11:28 AM Mark
I have mixed feelings about it as well. First of all, it's still a bit too far in the future and I am desperately in need of a new phone.
Price? It is quite expensive. I could get an iPod (5th generation 30gb or 80gb) and a decent phone (email capable) for much less than that.
The coolnes of multitap screen... well, it definately is cool. I love the design.

Too far in the future. I remember the 3 months wait for the MacBook Pro... it was torture. I will tend to ignore the Apple iPhone for a little while.

Oh, and is it UMTS? Video call? What happened to that? Apple was always a step ahead, what happened here?

# re: I don't like iPhone (and I'm from Europe) 1/12/2007 11:47 AM David
Good call about UMTS. Is UMTS European thing? I'm not really much in the phones, don't have a clue. :)

# re: I don't like iPhone (and I'm from Europe) 1/12/2007 11:54 AM Enric
I have read that in Spain Apple has the exclusive with Telefonica, and maybe for all south-america.

To Mark: UMTS? Video Call? iPhone is cool and that's all. It doesn't matter the features it has. You have only to see the iPod success, it's far from being the best mp3 but it has more than 60% of the market (Zune is much better and has 2%).

# re: I don't like iPhone (and I'm from Europe) 1/12/2007 12:04 PM David
Enric: you sure have a point there about coolness...
In tech, the best stuff is often not most successful. Sad, but true. I still haven't forgot OS/2. ;)

# re: I don't like iPhone (and I'm from Europe) 1/12/2007 1:43 PM Mark
Enric, you're commenting on a comment posted by a Mac-Whore... me ;)

As far as the success goes. No doubt it will sell like hot cupcakes. Why? Because it's just cool, the screen, the way you interact with it... Right, it doesn't matter how useful an Apple gadget is, it's still going to sell. But are we discussing it's future success or are we discussing how useful it is going to be to us individuals (me, you, David)... here... living in Europe and Slovenia from June to the end of the year 2007. They've shown it to us and now all we can do is droll over it until it is available in our part of the world... overpriced, again. $1500 is not 1500€ what I paid for my black MacBook or my 2250€ returned MacBook Pro, but let's leave that aside. I'm just trying to be down to earth about the iPhone and I still refuse to blog about it because I don't have a strong opinion about it (yet). I'm trying to be down to earth about it and what I would use it for. Software presented on it is... breathtaking and considering it runs on Mac OS X, way to go, it should be stable! But there will again be so many places you'll have your data. But I do believe Apple is going to make it right so I won't get lost every time I write something in my calendar at the office and at home. I love the apps running on my Mac. I love my black iPod 30gb and I love my 1g iPod shuffle. I'm even thinking about getting another iMac or at least a Mac mini. Why? I have no idea. I don't really need it but I do want it! See... the Mac community mentality? I really have to really fight against it. Anyway, back to iPhone. The 3G phones that are out now are no comparison to the Apple iPhone. You can't compare it and then decide what you want to buy or what you need. But I certainly do miss the video call option on the Apple iPhone.
UMTS and other latest and upcoming technologies should in no way pose as a challange to Apple (as did the PowerBook G5 - heat problems and energy consumption). We can only speculate why they left the second camera out. Imagine Skype video call over your home Wi-Fi using your Apple iPhone? Can you see where I'm going? MSN Video chat? A business man waiting at an airport having a 4 way (iChat) video conference (anytime, anywhere) preparing himself for the meeting... Endless possibilities. 8GB is not at all enough for a couple of movies, your iTunes library, some of your photos... Don't you think? I have about 3000 photos, 800 songs and 6 movies on my iPod and it takes about 15GB of space. Where's room for contacts, documents, applications? But! I do have everything synced (except the photo originals). Flash drive was a good call, but still... Not enough space for my needs :(

Bottom line is, that Apple iPhone is an awsome looking gadget. It is going to change the way we use the portable media and use the gadget(s) to communicate with others or interact with internet and whatnot. The fact that we'll have to wait for it for so long is just terrible. But they gave us time to come up with the money for it. And yes, it is going to sell. Just because it's one helluva awesome design. But that doesn't mean it will suit my (or Davids') needs.

# re: I don't like iPhone (and I'm from Europe) 5/6/2007 2:57 PM Rami
I agree with Mark, I mean I was completely awestruck when I first saw the iPhone, but after reading about it and realizing that it doesn't have UMTS or Video calling, I can't say i'm not disappointed. The iPhone had the opportunity to replace 3 gadgets with one super gadget fitting all my needs. An all-purpose multi-media communicator. I'm not saying that its not the coolest thing to come out in 2007, because I still think it is. I'm just saying why not give us the extra Apple edge we've come to love. Guess I'll have to wait till the 2nd Generation iPhone to get what I really want, but that doesn't mean that I can't wait to get my hands on one of these bad boys :D

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