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Here is a list of free Visual Studio add-ins and enhancements I came accross lately. Do you have your favorite?

Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 IDE Enhancements

  • Source Code Outliner – The Source Outliner tool is a Visual Studio extension that provides a tree view of your source code's types and members and lets you quickly navigate to them inside the editor.
  • Visual C++ Code Snippets – The Visual C++ Code Snippets tool lets you insert snippets in your code by using a pop-up menu that contains programming keywords. VB.NET and C# languages have this functionality in Visual Studio 2005.
  • Indexed Find – The Indexed Find tool is a Visual Studio extension that uses the Microsoft Indexing Service to provide improved Search capabilities to the integrated development environment (IDE). It sends the results of a search to the Output Window.
  • Super Diff Utility – The Super Diff Find tool is a Visual Studio extension that compares text files. It uses color coding and graphics to show the difference between the files in deleted text (red), changed text (blue), inserted text (green).
  • Event Toaster Utility – The Event Toaster tool is a Visual Studio extension that notifies users about specific events within the Visual Studio IDE.

Power Toys for Visual Studio 2005

  • MSBee – an addition to MSBuild that allows developers to build managed applications with MSBuild using Visual Studio 2005 projects that target .NET 1.1.
  • Team Foundation Server Admin Tool – allows a TFS administrator to quickly add and modify user permissions to all three platforms utilized by TFS.
  • Managed Stack Explorer – a lightweight tool that provides a quick and easy way to monitor .NET 2.0 managed processes and their stacks.

Free SlickEdit® Gadgets

  • Editor Gadgets is a collection of four small utilities to add spice to your Visual Studio editor. Each one may be enabled or disabled individually. These gadgets include:  
    • Line ruler - Places a "ruler" highlight across your current line (where the cursor is) and has tick marks to indicate the editor's indentation levels.  
    • Indentation guide - Draws a vertical bar in the editor indicating the indentation level of the current line.  
    • Auto-copy selection - Automatically copies text to the clipboard when selected with the mouse. Paste may be done by simply clicking in the editor with the middle mouse button (the scroll wheel on most mice). These behaviors are similar to XMouse.
    • Editor Graphic - Allows you to place a graphic inside your editor, either as a single image or as a tiled background.
  • The Command Spy – Whenever you click on a menu item or toolbar button in Visual Studio, you are executing what is known as a "command". Unfortunately, it's almost impossible to tell what command is linked to which menu items or toolbar buttons. The Command Spy monitors command execution and allows you to see exactly what commands you've run, how many times you've run them and what key bindings are used to invoke those commands. The main purpose of this tool is to allow you to learn what commands are bound to which keystrokes, so that you can work faster within the IDE.
  • File ExplorerUsing Visual Studio's Open File dialog to open files in Visual Studio can be very tedious, especially when you have to open files from several different directories. The File Explorer provides an easy way to open solutions, projects, or single files in Visual Studio. It also makes it easy to drag-and-drop files into an open Visual Studio project.
  • The Data Object Analyzer – Drag-and-drop operations and clipboard operations both work with "data objects". Data objects contain [1...n] data items, which may be of any type, and are stored with an associated string-based key. There are some standards about what key/data pairs are used in clipboard or drag-and-drop operations, but for the most part, applications add whatever data they want. If you're writing an application that requires clipboard or drag-and-drop integration, it is important to understand what data is expected from other applications.
  • The SLOC Report – The SLOC Report tool provides an easy way to count the lines of code. The line count is divided into three categories: code, comments, and whitespace. Once the lines of code have been counted, the results are drawn as a pie graph. SLOC reports may be generated for solutions, projects or individual files.

Last one found via Cool Thing of the Day blog.

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# re: Free Visual Studio 2005 add-ins 3/23/2007 8:46 AM shelby pereira
Anothre really handy plugin is ghostDoc see below:

Allows you to automatically comment (better than ///) inserts references etc.

# re: Free Visual Studio 2005 add-ins 4/6/2007 5:36 AM Paul Bart
Awesome Add-Ins. Check out Code Keep:

A repository for storing and sharing code snippets. I cant live without it.

Paul B.

# Highlight Current Line in Visual Studio 9/8/2007 8:40 AM .Net Thoughts and Ideas
Great add-in for your IDE

# re: Free Visual Studio 2005 add-ins 2/14/2008 5:00 PM shelton
i like what you have but i am looking for an addin that enables me to play music on a web form.

# re: Free Visual Studio 2005 add-ins 3/3/2009 10:08 AM subbu
cool ! collection, but ! , i am looking to a add on where i can save my Bookmarks & breakpoint to a extranal file and can load them whenever i need them back , any ideas ?!

# re: Free Visual Studio 2005 add-ins 3/3/2009 10:12 AM subbu
i think looks similar,! take look

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