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I upgraded to latest pre-release of new FeedDemon beta and after first few days, these are my observations:

  • popular topics – this is actually the reason I upgraded. It’s great idea, but somehow it doesn’t get me any relevant results. I suspected “IE 7 is out” or “Firefox 2” is out will just jump out since I haven’t read my feeds in more than two weeks. But no, just some random posts are appearing there. I think I’ll give it some time, I sure would like to see it produce interesting stuff.
  • slightly changed styles  – Surfer at least, I use that all the time. Can’t really decide if the change is for better or worse.
  • pagination – I don’t get this. Some people are trying to get of the the Next / Previous philosophy but FeedDemon goes the other way. How the hell do I turn this of? I only found a “200 items per page” way.
  • “increase font size in newspaper view” option in “appearance” – as my resolution is high and my eyes are deteriorating, I really like this feature. I feel old, but I can read better.

For a complete list of new features and changes be sure to visit beta site and read release notes.

Posted on Tuesday, November 07, 2006 12:08 AM | Filed under: Software |
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