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Following the huge success of Free software for Nokia 6600, here is attemt to list usefull and free software for SE W800i and SE W810i.

If you know any other useful utils, please let me know!

Phone software

Opera Mini™ 2.0 – the best browsing experience you will get on phone. Totally awsome and extremlly usefull for occasional lookups. Not for serious browsing though. The screen is just too small.

Gmail for Mobile – a fantastic brand new app for your phone that reads your Gmail mail. I’m seriously considering moving all mail on domain to Gmail.

Wireless18 – this looks nice if you play golf. Sadly, I don’t.


Zelda Mobile – slick free game.

MicroFB – port of Frozen Bubbles game.

PC software

floAt’s Mobile Agent or FMA – the fantastic phone manager and then some. This is one of the main reasons why SE kicks Nokia’s but (I used to be Nokia fan, mind you, but lately I prefer SE) and it’s a mistery to me why Sony Ericsson doesn’t at least link to this if not put it on their official CDs.

MyPhoneExplorer – the second free phone organizer. Also looks and works rather nice. Also works with USB cable.

Mobile Agent  this is also phone manager but less powerfull than first two. It’s new though so we may expect updates and new features.

Mass Storage Synchronizer – sync your iTunes with your Sony Ericsson. I would if I would use iTunes, I guess.

Mobile3GPconverter – convert *.3gp (video you record with your phone) to uncompressed .avi files. Handy!

MobileAMRconverter – convert *.amr (sound files you recod with your phone) to *.wav and vice versa.

[added] Mobile Media Converter - convert audio and video files from phone to pc and other way around

Development Stuff

DisGUISE – Since this is a development blog, this is more than welcome – A C# GUI class library for Sony Ericsson cellphones. Have and idea for an app? Let us know if you do and especially if you start develping something cool!

I’ll update this feed as I find new free stuff. You can find more stuff on although most of it is pretty outdated. [added] Nice page for SW software but not udpated regulary is Unofficial Sony Ericsson Club.

Last update: 5th July 2007

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