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Just is time for meet v4, these are this years si.blogs top somethings!

These are not awards but "awards" for several reasons. First, there is no "best blog" or "best blogger". I don't believe in rating blogs and even if I would I'm certainly not the right person to do it. Second, this numbers are approximate and can easily be tempered with. This is the net, you know. Open and free and hackable. So this is just a mix of data mining and some tradition. And a big fat joke.

Bare numbers – no awards

In last year, that's from 1st October 2005 and 1st of October 2006 there were 1,172,879 clicks on post links. That's nice number and so is 1,182,237 which is the number of clicks on blog links. There were 582 active blogs on list on the last day of the period we are looking at and 555 new blogs were added in last year. Obviously lots of them died rather quickly.

This graphs shows submissions of new blogs for every month since the beginning. I don't have a lot of statistical knowledge, but the trend shows me that the growth will not be this fast for long. But that's just statistics, right?


Top 10 bigmouhts – flapper / klopotec award

These are blogs with most posts in last year. This number could be off by rather significant number due to bugs in si.blogs scanning, blog migrations and several other reasons. But they are fun anyway.

  1. 963 posts - Drugi dom
  2. 789 posts - romunov's blog et al
  3. 775 posts - KeBi03
  4. 674 posts - My So-Called Blog
  5. 534 posts - samuelion's wilderness
  6. 530 posts - Vasija Vasudeva
  7. 522 posts - The L Files
  8. 509 posts - :had:
  9. 485 posts - Fraj.NeT BloG
  10. 476 posts - jaKove misli

I don't read most of them so I don't have much to say, except that the fact that some people write too much and that some write way too much. Good news is that all of them are real blogs and not spam blogs and that all of them are famous – as in si.blogs famous.

GOLDEN FLAPPER (a.k.a. KLOPOTEC) goes to Drugi dom, SILVER to romunov's blog et al and BRONZE to KeBi03. Now you ten, do us a favor. Please shut up for a day, ok?

Top 10 posts – blood sausage / krvavica award

  1. 1760 - Sara Jean Underwood @ Lepša Jutra
  2. 653 - Spooky @ ????????&????????
  3. 630 - Betcee May @ Lepša Jutra
  4. 608 - Eva Shine @ Lepša Jutra
  5. 566 - Hamachi: Stay Connected @
  6. 557 - Messenger Plus! Live 4.0.0226 Beta @
  7. 514 - Karlie Montana @ Lepša Jutra
  8. 509 - Tiffany Toth @ Lepša Jutra
  9. 496 - Dan erotičnega vremena @ jaKove misli
  10. 493 - Nekaj Windows Live Messenger novosti @
  11. 488 - Photos @ Bayaland

Now this is more interesting. Once again the statistic prove what's important in the web. At #1, #3, #4, #7 and #8 we have naked ladies. Thank you. In between we have weirdos that just will not go away (check last years awards if you don't know what I'm talking about) and maybe even some content.

Well GOLDEN and BRONZE BLOOD SAUSAGE go to Lepša Jutra  (or Sara and Betcee!?) and SILVER to ????????&????????, let's call her "Boardaway".

Oh yeah, this is top 10 with 11 entries. We'll, you see, Baya, the girl in #11 is si.blogs secretary's girlfriend so I did him a favor, ok? I hope you don't mind.

Top 10 blogs – beef soup / goveja župa award

And now for the big thing – top 10 blogs according to click on si.blogs….

  1. 22161 - My So-Called Blog
  2. 21702 - The L Files
  3. 21415 - Centrifuga
  4. 18621 - The Glory of Carniola
  5. 17247 - Mayhem in Monsterland
  6. 16700 - Ulala's Diary
  7. 16076 - samuelion's wilderness
  8. 15859 - Janko Š
  9. 14815 - Bite my bytes
  10. 14738 - Vrta's Blog
  11. 14415 - Bayaland

This is oddly similar to last year. Except that we forgot "no pasaran" a.k.a. undress for success. Miss si.blogs took over the throne and wins GOLDEN BEEF SOUP, sir-posts-no-so-much in at close second. wins SILVER and Centrifuga overtook Michael (he was away for a good part of a year!) to snatch BRONZE. Mayhem, my new coworker has climbed from 7 to 5. Ulala is top newcomer on top 10, samuelion gained a place and Janko gained 6. To much surprise I'm still at #9. Vrta droped from #6 to #10. Consult previous category for explanation why there are 11 entries in top 10 list. Connections, connections…

And conclusions? This stats still don’t mean much. People like to read same blogs.

Congratulations to all winner & some losers! If you come to the meet you will receive awards which you can then proudly mount on your wall. If you don't pick them up we will donate them to charity or something.

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# re: si.blogs06.awards 10/11/2006 9:56 AM had
nice :)

see you :)

# re: si.blogs06.awards 10/11/2006 2:43 PM Tamara
Ali bom dobila nagrado?
Samo to me zanima. Hvala. :)

# re: si.blogs06.awards 10/11/2006 2:57 PM keks

# re: si.blogs06.awards 10/11/2006 3:28 PM Tamara
O, krasn!
Vedite, da se bom naslednje štiri (joj, le še tri in pol) dni ukvarjala z izbiro ustrezne večerne toalete, ki bo lepo sovpadala z rdečo preprogo, in s sestavljanjem ganljivega govora.

# re: si.blogs06.awards 10/12/2006 8:39 PM Klemen
Hehe, luštno branje! David, bi bil tako sweet in prilepil seznam 10 najbolj klikanih postov, kjer bi izključil goloto in vnose, starejše od enega leta? Tako, da bi bilo vsaj malo relevantno :)
Pa še dva ločena seznama top blogov: oldies (+1 leto na siblogs listi) in newbies (top 10 letošnjih priveskov). Hvala!

(go Vrta, naslednje leto gremo na top 3!)

# re: si.blogs06.awards 10/14/2006 1:41 AM David

# re: si.blogs06.awards 1/30/2007 9:01 AM Vesna, KeBi(03)

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