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There's gonna be another si.blogs meet. Tnx to Cookie for nagging. See you there!

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Posted on Wednesday, September 20, 2006 11:59 PM | Filed under: Blogging |


# Bitacle Blog Search Archive - si.blogs meet v4.0 9/21/2006 2:11 PM
[...] There's gonna be another si. [...]

# re: si.blogs meet v4.0 9/22/2006 8:16 PM novala
This is exactly the weekend I have to attend a business meeting. :-((( I would have really loved to come, but it's absolutely impossible. A week earlier or a week later would have been perfect.

# re: si.blogs meet v4.0 9/23/2006 11:19 AM David
I'm really sorry, Novala. But this was the weekedn that suited most of the "comitee". It's impossible to get the perfect timing that would suit anyone. Maybe next year!!

# re: si.blogs meet v4.0 9/23/2006 10:33 PM novala
*sniff* :-(

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