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Just as I was nearing the end of switching laptops bad luck stroke. I couldn’t boot up the new machine after enabling security features in BIOS. It ended at dreadful blue screen.

I tried disabling everything I could in BIOS, checked hardware with Dell’s diagnostics partition but it all turned out well.

Next thing I tried was Ultimate Boot CD but I was really sure what I can do with that. So I did absolutely nothing.

Next I figured I would just reinstall Windows XP just to get to my data before I return the laptop for a new one. Decided to boot into repair console and then I ran chkdsk. It fixed something and now I can boot again.

I had very 20th century / Windows 95 feeling when it happened but now I’m just happy Del Boy works again.

PS: If Del boy would be pushing up the daisies right now, that would be the third machine to go kaput in our office in two days. Mind the title.

Posted on Tuesday, September 05, 2006 10:49 PM | Filed under: System |


# re: Bad days for hardware 9/7/2006 12:46 AM Boštjan
You should have tried SpinRite. Works like magic on all kaput drives.

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