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Everyday I learn something new. Today I learned:

  • that ReSharper 2.0 (contrary to my belief) HAS a foreach -> for refactoring and that made me smile. Just put your cursor over foreach and hit Alt + Enter. Viola! Oh, you could also hit Ctrl + Shift + R and learn more new things.
    Edit: Most of the time I would want to do that on Table.Rows collections. We’ll, it’s no wonder I thought it doesn’t work – it doesn’t with those those. I dose with IList stuff. Too bad…
  • that C# 2.0 has a null coalescing operator in the form of ?? and that made me smile even more. Now that is a time saver when dealing with if (something == null) stuff. I’ll hate going back to C# 1.0 even more!

Fine day so far.

Posted on Tuesday, August 08, 2006 1:27 PM | Filed under: Developement |
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