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World Cup temperature is rising. I’m not in the real mood yet, but it starting to get really hot.

Without even looking I came access two Microsoft software title to help you satisfy your needs for news and stats.

First is Microsoft Football / Soccer Scoreboard. A free download from Microsoft that includes schedules, results stats and RSS news . It and looks alround nice. This just might be a keeper!


PeterK sent me a link to a SharePoint web part. Tam Tam WK 2006 is somwaht similar to abouve, but with extra twist. It can run a betting pool! Now that would be fun!

I haven’t tried it since I don’t have SharePoint portal around, so if you will install this baby, let me know how it works! You can even invite to the pool if your portal is public.

What have you found?

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# re: World Cup software 6/18/2007 8:16 PM Sonu
Hi, can you send me fm radio for my nokia 6600 phone.

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