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I bet most of you use Sysinternals utilities. I know I do. I like to have at least Process Explorer, Autoruns, Filemon, Regmon, PsTools and TCPView handy. I also like ZoomIt but I don’t find much of it.

Mark updates his tools quite frequently but they don’t have any self-updating techonologies built in. And upgrading by hand is kind of a pain since they are all just .zip files.

My idea is to create a application/script that would check local .zip files against those on the site and if something new is found, download and unpack them. Do that every other day and you always have a nice, fresh set of handly utils.

Am I missing something or has this already been done? Would you use if it would exist? Do you have some spare time and know how to code did? What are you waiting for! I need it badly. Yesterday!

Hint: Maybe a PowerShell script?

Posted on Thursday, May 11, 2006 11:04 PM | Filed under: Software System Developement |


# re: Updating Sysinternals utilities - the idea 7/18/2006 11:22 PM Paul Becker
I hope you actually did this since as of today's news they don't seem to be there anymore.

Maybe they'll come back, maybe not.

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