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It’s been a while since I developed a web app so I almost forgot what a pain it is to deploy it.

So I grabbed a copy of and old friend UnleashIT and although it looks like Matt is busy upgrading his controls, UnleashIT still is very useful and I deployed LjRing beta2 with an click of a button. It beats the crap out of manual FTP.

What do you use for deploying web apps?

Posted on Thursday, May 11, 2006 10:55 PM | Filed under: Software Developement Internet |


# re: Good ol' UnleashIT 5/16/2006 1:27 AM markoh
When working with Dreamweaver I use the builtin FTP manager..Lately I've been relying on VS.NET 2005 for design also (besides programming) and I'm slowly but steadily giving up on Dreamweaver (I wonder what will the new Microsoft designers tools bring?). However web publishing capabilities (especially with Web Application Projects addon that I use) in VS.NET 2005 are not that good (again!). That is becoming permanent problem with MS IDEs. So I still use FTP (FlashFXP) and do it manually, especially because I want to have full control over publishing process.

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