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I received some positive comments about LjRing beta1 and some of them spotted some nasty bugs too. So I wiped the dust of the code and made some improvements. 

Here’s what’s new in beta2:

  • (bug) clicking on exits selects start and end of route in IE now, previously you got a nasty JavaScript error icon in the bottom left corner, (tnx, RokT)
  • (bug) clicking on exits now select start first and end next, not the other way around,
  • (bug) clockwise and anti clockwise are now reported correctly, (tnx, Jernej, Andrej Tozon, RokT)
  • (new) he start and end of a route are now bold in the list of exits on the way,
  • (new) I added and clockwise and anti-clockwise icon so it’s easier to read the result,
  • (bug) fixed the page encoding so ščž are displayed correctly.

Also thanks for new ideas. I’ll try to incorporate them if/when I find some extra time.

In the mean time, if you drive around the ring, could you be so kind and double check the distances? Or just write them down and send them to me and I’ll check them. Tnx!

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