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Let me start with something light before I fully recover from my off-line mode.

I came across two extremely cool pieces of code lately that may not be usable in a day-to-day corporate way but sure are fun.

OdeToCode has a nice snippet that you can simply paste in a “Console Application” project and compile. When run from command line you can send a message to HP printers with LCD screens. I had some fun we my coworkers couple of weeks ago and our printer still says “To je printer” (=”This is a printer”). When it’s not saying “Toner Low”, at least.

A field that intrigues me but not enough to fully explore is Wake On Lan (or WOL). I regularly turn my main machine from ma laptop using PsShutdown from PsTools but waking a machine would come handy too. And it’s always nice to have a source code to poke around, isn’t it?

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Nice Article and Site, Booked for Reference

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