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After 6 hours of hard work I finally managed to fight my way through all my back logged blogs and emails. I’m quite proud that I didn’t crack and marked them all read. OK, I still have couple of posts marked which means I have to do something about them, but that’s piece of cake. Nothing very dramatic happened while I was away in the fields I “cover”, but I don’t mind. The world stood still for me.

So after being mostly off-line during last weeks (we moved in case you wonder and tomorrow I’ll update this blog’s geodata and you can check yourself where to on si.blogs map) I’m happy to announce that this blog will shortly return to regular program! And to celebrate my return (and Labour day) I just purchased a licence of BlogJet. BlogJet has treated me nice but so far I was able to extend trial periods one way or another. This time trial expired so I figured the only right way to deal with it is to pay Dmitry what he deserves.

I have to go to bed now, before I catch another rerun of Madonna’s Sorry on VH1. I would be 20th time tonight.

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# re: return 1; 5/1/2006 11:24 PM Mark
Well congratulations. I hope your new flat treats you good! :)

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