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If you read this blog every now or then you know I like to listen to couple of podcasts. Show have number of different distribution methods and file formats. The only combination that is missing is the one I would like to use: that's XML feed with BitTorrent enclosures pointing to M4B/AAC/iPod files.

Since all three are produced by Carl Franklin I wrote to him the other day in order to ask him why is that and hoping he would add the missing feed. But he has a point - AAC is typically downloaded using iTunes and iTunes don't support BitTorrent enclosures. Having a link on a page would probably confuse fair share of iTunes users. So Carl decided not to offer such a feed. (Mind that dnrTV feeds work out of the box (out of the site?) since the iTunes dilemma is not there with video files!)

So I had to create those feeds myself.

I created a new .NEt project, added a single class with code that’s replacing a string in original MP3 feeds with M4B and made sure this class implements IHttpHandler interfac. Then I registered the HttpHandler in web.config and voila!

Here are iPod Torrent links of all Carl Franklin / Pwop shows:

Now you can get yourself a BitTorrent client (the best BitTorrent client in my opinion is uTorrent) and subscribe to the feeds!

Here is a short manual how you accomplish that in uTorrent:

Add feeds. You can give them a nice name in other places if you add in format <name>|<feed_url> as can be seen above.

You have to create a favorites filter and specify where you want files to be saved. A nice thing to do is to label new torrents so you know that they were automatically added.

This is how it looks if everything works.

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# re: iPod/M4B/AAC Torrent feeds for Carl Franklins shows 3/13/2006 4:31 PM Mare
Če te Carl ne omeni v naslednji oddaji, ga neham poslušat :)

# re: iPod/M4B/AAC Torrent feeds for Carl Franklins shows 3/13/2006 10:57 PM CypherBit
Nice, very nice.

I actually use iTunes for my podcasting needs, but I like your approach.
And yes µTorrent is great.

# Complete RSS feeds of AAC torrents for Pwop podcasts (HanselMinutes, .NET Rocks!, RunAs Radio, Mondays) 1/9/2008 9:23 PM Bite my bytes
Complete RSS feeds of AAC torrents for Pwop podcasts (HanselMinutes, .NET Rocks!, RunAs Radio, Mondays)

# re: iPod/M4B/AAC Torrent feeds for Carl Franklins shows 8/29/2008 3:45 PM cgfh
er bcv dfghtyj

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