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Couple of posts back I said I will not become dnrTV regular and I didn’t. But there is one episode I watched with real amazement and I would recommend every .NET developer to do the same.

In episode #5 The über crazy code genius Mark Miller (of Developer Express and Mondays fame) sets on a quest to write DXCore (the CodeRush engine) plug-in to sort the code for class members according to type and visibility.

You get to see three amazing things:

  • the amazing power of DXCore engine
  • the incredible power of CodeRush when used by his creator
  • the way Mark’s brain works

Really amazing. If developers would be the kind of folk that pick their idols and tape their pictures to walls, Mark would be mine, no doubt about that.

Posted on Saturday, February 25, 2006 11:42 AM | |


# re: Magic on dnrTV 2/27/2006 12:47 PM Ervin
I will never forget his presentaion at BorCon 2001 - Fun with Delphi: Step Over to the Dark Side. I was exhausted from laughing nearly continuously for an hour.

The cleverest part of Miller's presentation was a CodeRush plug-in that used a fierce-looking Microsoft agent (actually a monster) that watched as Miller entered code, found and pointed out syntax errors, and then made insulting comments to him. I still want a copy of that!

Also you cannot forget his interview on .net rocks. Rory plays a registration of a phone call to Mark Miller. In the middle of it Miller fakes an FBI break in.

# re: Magic on dnrTV 10/14/2006 5:53 PM ביטוח רכב
>>the way Mark’s brain works<<
I'd say that this is the most interesting thing... :)

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