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I was wondering what WUXGA, WSXGA and even WHUXGA means for a long time.

 What's a "WUXGA"? You might make a stab at guessing it's a rare four-horned bovid found in Central Asia, but in fact it's one of the grotesque acronyms vendors of personal computers, display boards, monitors, and projectors use to obfuscate one of the most fundamental specifications of the gear they're selling you: just how many pixels it can display.

How Many Dots Has It Got has the answers.

Posted on Sunday, February 05, 2006 10:29 PM | Filed under: System |


# re: Screen resolution abbreviations 2/6/2006 6:35 PM Mark
I have UXGA but mouse gizmos died, battery works for about 5 minutes and CD-R/DVD combo doesn't want to burn anything. It's about time for a new one. Why not buy only the parts? Because it would cost me about the same as if I would buy a new computer (having original parts in mind).

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