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I haven’t heard the first show yet, but this should be good.

Hanselminutes is a weekly audio talk show with noted web developer and technologist Scott Hanselman and hosted by Carl Franklin. Scott discusses utilities and tools, gives practical how-to advice, and discusses ASP.NET or Windows issues and workarounds.

Excelent blogger, excellent co-host, excellent theme of the show, excellent production (same as DNR and Mondays).

Can’t wait to get in the car and start the player…

Posted on Wednesday, January 11, 2006 9:42 AM | Filed under: Developement Blogging |


# re: HanselMinutes 1/13/2006 5:16 PM Mare
Zelo dobra zadeva

# re: HanselMinutes 12/12/2006 6:35 AM Brian
#2 tech pod cast out there in the wild.

(with dnr being #1)

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