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I uploaded couple of optimizations to si.blogs in order to enhance the performance of the site. Some changes are visbile and there were some behind the scenes tweaks:

  • By default only fresh (posted in last week) sites are listed.  (I hope users can get used to it. I smacked a warning on top of the page. I'll remove that after a week or two.)
    Other blogs can be seen via the Show / All. Don't worry, you can still save your preferences on the right side and get the full front page if you want. I had to do this because the front page HTML was very large at ~150 kB. It's now down to ~90kB. Since the content is compressed (if your browser can handle it) the size is actually down to ~25 kB, but it's still a lot. This is of course only temporary solution since the number of fresh blogs will probably rise. If you have any suggestions, shoot!
  • The Atom engine is little more forgiving so you should see slightly less error icons.
    I managed to strip out those damned <o:p> tags that Microsoft Word puts in posts if you copy/paste the text from it. There are still some errors among the feeds. If you are blogger, please check if your site is ok. If you know a blogger with an error, annoy him/her until he/she fixed the error. I'll help, of course, just let me know. I sent some e-mails to bloggers with errors in hope we can clean it out.
    A piece of advice: Validate your feeds from time to time!
  • Pages are cached now.
    This shouldn't affect users in anyway. I enabled ASP.NET output caching so changes to the database are visible after 60 seconds in worse case. And the user won't even know. This should speed things quite a bit since the database behind si.blogs is big and slow and soft. If you catch my drift. And don't get me started on that, it's a whole new story.
Posted on Tuesday, November 01, 2005 8:46 PM | Filed under: Developement Blogging |


# re: Siblogs are faster and more forgiving 11/2/2005 11:34 AM Michael M.
Thanks for the feed validator link. I had no idea about that. And now it seems that both of my feeds have major malfunctions. I'm not technically competent enough to fix them -- but at least I know they're there.

# re: Siblogs are faster and more forgiving 11/2/2005 6:13 PM Jernej
Don't worry Mike, your feed is fine. Just some minor issues.

# re: Siblogs are faster and more forgiving 11/2/2005 9:54 PM Michael M.
Thanks, Jernej. I'll take your word for it.

# re: Siblogs are faster and more forgiving 11/2/2005 10:59 PM David
MM, if your feed is cool on si.blogs it's probably cool. Aggregators are usually more forgiving than my parser. I took a look at your feed and it's ok. There are just warning, so you can take Jernejs and my word for it. ;)

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