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While waiting for RTMs to download I finished this book that has been laying on my bookshelf quite some time. It's like a sister book for Introducing Microsoft Visual Basic 2005 for Developers. Both are written in the time of beta products and given out at TechEd 2005.

My version is kind of outdated so I really can't recommend getting it. But a recent version would come in handy as the book reads like a really big "read me" file or better yet "what's new". It starts out with management Studio and new ranking functions and other T-SQL enhancements. The first part ends with the description of new XML capabilities. The whole second part is dedicated to .NET integration (which can be summed in one sentence: "please don't use .NET for everything that you used SQL so far") and the third part wraps up things with descriptions of DTS, SMO, Native HTTP SOAP, Notifications Services, Service Broker and of course Reporting Services.

I only have 3 minutes left before the download finishes so I should be going. Just try to get your hands on this book for couple of hours. I'll be passing it around at work for sure...

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