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Sorry for this delay. First I was kind of busy, then I went sailing.

Meanwhile lots of interesting stuff happened. Some quick notes before I get to regular schedule:

  • Apple kicked everyone's ass once again. This time I was ready.
  • I lost my phone in the deeps of the Adriatic. Back to Nokia. This time used N3650. At least I can play Frozen Bubble. I just have to figure out how to move my contacts from old backup without loosing a leg and an eye.
  • I had to appoint another manager for si.blogs. When I'm away new subscriptions pile up and bloggers start to get nervous. Any volunteers?
  • I decided to simplify my life a bit. First step is to unsubscribe one blog a day until new year.
  • Ok, this didn't happen. VS 2005. Still waiting.
Posted on Tuesday, October 18, 2005 10:49 PM | Filed under: Stuff |


# re: Back again 10/19/2005 3:18 PM Mark
Fun fun fun :)
Did you catch that fish?

# re: Back again 10/19/2005 3:21 PM David
The catch was team effort, but I could say I was the brain behind the whole operation. And I also ripped here appart and clean her. It looks quite scary and cruel on the pictures.

Please note, that this was not the only fish we caught! we got two like these and the third one was lucky and got away 5 seconds before we could grab her. ;)

# re: Back again 10/20/2005 1:02 PM dejan
Nice to have you back! I could find time to take care of subscriptions when you are away... Let me know!

# re: Back again 10/21/2005 8:40 AM David
Tnx, Dejan. I'll let you know!

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