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I have been reading about greasemonkey Firefox extension for quite a while, but (as probably most us) never bothered to install and test it. I suspect because the idea of chaning the page with a script in a browser is just too far out... It's really mind boggling, so read about it if you don't know what I'm talking about. Late last night I saw some list of favorite extensions and I decided to give greasemonkey a spin. And now I'm hooked. Altough I don't have a killer script idea (yet?) I'm totally in love with the idea.

I browsed the scripts directory and tried some Google enhancing scripts like Butler and  Google Counter. I also tried to enhance Bloglines but nothing very useful in there. (former AudioScrobbler) section also had some scripts but the most interesting was broken! Aha! Time to dig in the source code...

So I made a new version of play statistics! - script that calculates tracks per week, day and hour and displays it beneath "Tracks played" in the profile. It's not my code, I just fixed what arvid wrote and latest HTML broke. My scripts list on userscripts now has 1 entry.

If you want to write your own scripts, Mark Pilgrim's  Dive into Greasemonkey is the best way to start. His guide is really incredible.

PS: If you use, you can join the si.blogs group.

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# re: Obsessed by GreaseMonkey 9/29/2005 2:35 PM MatejK
Oh yes, Greasemonkey & Dive into Greasemonkey indeed are great.

You may or may not be aware that it is also possible to use Greasemonkey-style user scripts in Opera and MSIE. Opera supports them natively from version 8.0 and for MSIE there is Turnabout extension. By coding carefully you can have user scripts that work in multiple browsers.

# re: Obsessed by GreaseMonkey 9/29/2005 11:25 PM David
Hi, MatejK!

I was not aware of IE and Opera scripts. Tnx for info!

# re: Obsessed by GreaseMonkey 9/29/2005 11:40 PM markoh
first of all, I don't really follow all these music sites, like, iTunes etc...I'm not that kind of person to give myself too much trouble regarding music, composing playlists and albums, making compilations&stuff. I just buy or download, burn and listen in my car. As far as I go it is embedding CD-TEXT on discs. And maybe put together some instant playlists in Windows Media.
I was surprised when I visited I entered Placebo just out of curiosity and the list it came up with was almost identical to the list of my favorite bands (even in the right order). Because i sometimes think that i may just be one of few people listening to bands like Placebo it is refreshing to see that is not the case.

which makes me happy, because now I know I'm not the only one who prefers something different over the same old boring R'N'B&hiphop tracks MTV&others seem to play these days.

# re: Obsessed by GreaseMonkey 9/29/2005 11:45 PM David
Yes, the is a fantastic service. You should try the radio. It rocks.

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